Water for New Production Facility

Unparalleled expertise in water and wastewater solutions provided a phased approach for getting water to and from a newly constructed production facility


Beginning with a homemade potpie in 1987, Amy’s Kitchen, Inc. is a family owned producer of natural and organic convenience foods and specialty frozen foods. As the demand for foods produced by Amy’s Kitchen continues to increase, the need for increased production space has lead to Amy’s establishing a new 500,000 sq. ft. manufacturing facility in Goshen, NY. As with most food and beverage production, water is used in the production process. This requires supplying water to the facility as well as effectively pretreating the process wastewater before discharging it to the POTW . In this expanding area of the state, getting water to and from the facility involves multiple regulatory agencies and utility companies. as well as special considerations for other construction projects in the area such as residential building and a new conference center. Amy’s Kitchen looked to The Probst Group to design, build, and provide support for multiple water-focused aspects associated with their new production facility including design of the new pretreatment facility and construction oversight for the 3.3 miles of watermain and forcemain to be constructed.


  • Design an efficient wastewater pretreatment plant (WWPTP) to be constructed adjacent to the new production facility
  • Provide a solution to receiving and discharging water/wastewater from the City of Middletown via watermain (WM) and forcemain (FM) which is approx. 3 miles from the facility
  • Incoming water and outgoing pretreated wastewater routes needed to account for new residential and commercial construction in the area
  • Special consideration needed to include the under-construction Heritage Trail between Goshen and Middletown  
  • Successful coordination with multiple state and local agencies, as well as contractors and sub-contractors


Utilizing The Probst Group’s extensive knowledge of water, wastewater, and regulatory engineering, the team designed preliminary plans for a new WWPTP and provided manageable solutions for getting water to and from the production facility.

Focusing on the most urgent priorities and challenges first, Probst provided field oversight, technical inspections, contractor support, and construction reporting for the challenging installation of the watermain and forcemain lines between the production facility and the City of Middletown. The route laid out for the watermain and forcemain lines posed numerous challenges including crossing:

  • 4 Rivers
  • 3 Bridges
  • 4 Active Roadways
  • An inactive Municipal Landfill


Working closely with staff from Amy’s Kitchen, contractors such as McMahon Associates, and regulatory agencies, both the forcemain and watermain installation have been succesfully completed.

The 3.3 miles of sewer and water line between the new Amy’s poduction facility and the City of Middletown includes numerous lift stations, meter vaults, valves, cleanouts, water hydrants, air release valves, and bridge support structures to ensure that all future needs are met.

Following the completion of the water lines and ensuring client satisfaction, the second phase of work is slated to begin - the final design and subsequent construction of the wastewater pretreatment facility.

Focusing on the unique needs of every client and every project, The Probst Group was able to provide the ideal solution for Amy’s Kitchen. Process flexibility and a vast array of knowledge and partnerships in the industry provided a path for a longterm solution and allowed for challenges to be proactively managed, resulting in a solution that addressed all of the client’s needs.

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