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Treatment Capacity for Brewing

Flexible upgrades to the onsite wastewater pretreatment facility provided an effective solution to production increases at a local brewery


Tucked into the town of New Glarus, Wisconsin, New Glarus Brewing Company produces world-class, handcrafted beers utilizing 100% natural ingredients. Founded in 1993, the brewery has experienced 15-20% growth annually and continues rank as a top craft brewery in the United States, although New Glarus beer is only available in Wisconsin. In 2017, the company produced about 211,000 barrels of beer, with projections for 2023 production increasing to 350,000 barrels of beer. Beyond producing more beer for us Wisconsinites, the production increase also meant a significant increase in the amount of water needed to produce the beer, and subsequently the amount of wastewater that would be generated. The Probst Group’s unparalleled experience in wastewater engineering combined with proven results in meeting stringent compliance limits made Probst the ideal partner to provide an effective and efficient wastewater solution for the brewery.


  • Increase wastewater pre-treatment plant (WWPTP) capacity to allow for production ramp-up
  • Optimize solids handling and operational flexibility
  • Aesthetically match the unique village-like appearance
  • Provide a solution that offered a phased approach for the upgrades
  • Continue to comply with discharge regulations


Following The Probst Proven Process which ensures the solutions we provide are focused on the unique needs of each client, the Probst engineering team provided a multi-phased solution that provided an effective, efficient solution for the anticipated increase in wastewater flows and loading.

Additionally, the design allows for easy future additions to ensure additional treatment capacity is available in the future.

Upgrades to the existing pretreatment plant included the following new major process components:

  • New aeration basin
  • Dewatering system

The Probst Group provided process and mechanical engineering for the upgraded WWPTP, with the new components constructed adjacent to the existing pretreatment system.


The newly constructed components of the wastewater pretreatment system are discreetly concealed within a barnlike structure, helping to maintain the appearance of the grounds. Additionally, the structure allows air flow to the treatment system.

The concern of an odor arising in the case of power loss has been addressed by covering the aeration basin.

The expanded treatment plant began operation mid-2019 and has allowed New Glarus Brewing Co. to effectively pretreat the process wastewater from their expanding brewery. The quality of the pretreated discharge has been exceptional, reducing or eliminating surcharges with the City.

  • Increased wastewater pretreatment capacity
  • Optimized process flexibility
  • Improved discharge quality

Listening to client needs, The Probst Group utilized our process expertise to provide the ideal solution, effectively treating brewery wastewater today while building in process flexibility and treatment capacity for tomorrow.

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