Complete Wastewater Treatment

New Wastewater Treatment Plant Helps Bring Back Life to a Former Denim Plant


When Continental Dairy Facilities (CDF) procured a former denim manufacturing plant in Littlefield, TX, they turned to The Probst Group to evaluate the existing wastewater treatment evaporation ponds which were significantly worn and damaged. With plans to renovate the facility for dairy production, CDF needed a solution that would provide reliable, flexible, cost-effective, and energy efficient wastewater treatment and lead toward the goal of being able to utilize the clean effluent for local crop irrigation. The plant was projected to receive between 3 MM and 4.5 MM pounds per day of raw milk and convert it to milk powders and block butter, with long-term goals to more than triple their production in the future.


  • Fully integrated wastewater treatment facility including design and installation
  • Utilization or remediation of existing structures
  • Be able to effectively manage varying loading and weather conditions
  • Include options for Operations


The Probst Group provided a turn-key solution - including long-term contract operations - that exactly matched the clients’ desires and was optimized for both the initial production needs and future plans with significant increases in production.


Utilizing a combination of anaerobic and aerobic biological treatment as well as robust operations controls allows the system to be adjusted on a minute-by-minute basis to provide the most effective and energy-efficient treatment for the raw wastewater. And, with certified operators and unparalleled expertise, our operations team fully manages and operates the plant, ensuring the system performs at peak optimization and provides results that exceed expectations.

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