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We strive to provide customized and flexible solutions on every project – no matter how large or small. The Probst Group offers a full range of services that allow for solutions today, while planning for tomorrow.

Founded in 2008 by the father-and-son team of Thomas and Henry Probst, The Probst Group encompasses the knowledge and experience of three generations of water and wastewater engineers.

The Probst Group has designed and optimized wastewater treatment systems for many clients, including those in the manufacturing, dairy, and food and beverage industries.

Of particular note, our team possesses expertise on multiple processes and options for phosphorus removal, including enhanced biological phosphorus removal (EBPR) as well as less conventional solutions, such as phosphorus trade agreements.

Our team of engineers and specialists are positioned at the forefront of wastewater technology. Our goal is to always develop better standards and practices for the future of water and wastewater management – driving the industry in the advancement of efficient, sustainable, and cost-effective wastewater management solutions.

Our experienced team is dedicated to your priorities and needs,
offering a full range of services from consulting to operations support.

It’s the people at The Probst Group that make our service and support unique.

Every member of our team practices the Probst Proven Process, placing our clients’ best interests at the center of every discussion we have. We bring expertise in every aspect and phase of every water and wastewater project – providing confidence for our clients and solutions for today and tomorrow.

Since 2008, we have grown our team to include the most experienced and forward-thinking individuals in the industry. From our extremely knowledgeable engineering and scientific staff to our extensive operations and support teams, we are committed to your success. We have experts available throughout the United States, ready to ensure your success in treating water and wastewater.

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 Probst Team Core Values

Be Team Focused

Be Accountable

Be Passionate

Be Kind


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