Design/Build Provides Flexible Solutions – Case Study

//Design/Build Provides Flexible Solutions – Case Study

Design/Build Provides Flexible Solutions – Case Study

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As production increased at the Jim Falls facility, so did the amount of wastewater produced, including high-strength wastewater (HSW). While the ridge and furrow (R&F) system had initially been able to effectively treat the wastewater from the facility, it was proving inadequate for the increased flow and loading. Even after the facility began to divert HSW and haul it offsite for disposal, the R&F was not able to accommodate the plant’s requirements. A long-term solution to effectively treat the facility’s process wastewater was needed.

Among other needs, facility stakeholders were interested finding a solution that would include reduced water usage and water reuse opportunities. Additionally, they were hopeful that the new treatment system would utilize land already owned by the cooperative.

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