The Probst Group Delivers Solutions for Your WWTP

//The Probst Group Delivers Solutions for Your WWTP

The Probst Group Delivers Solutions for Your WWTP

An important aspect of construction safety is crane use and rigging. Adhere to the following guidelines to perform a safe, successful lift.

  • Prepare a lift plan and review it with the crew before performing the lift.
    The lift plan should include confirmation of:

    • Weight of lift including rigging, center of gravity, lift points, lift radius
    • Crane capacity
    • Crane footing / foundation suitability and the need for mats or cribbing
    • Underground installations that may be affected
    • Meteorological conditions – wind, lightning etc.
    • Clearance between crane, load and adjacent equipment & facilities
    • Clearance to power lines
    • Restrict lift area with barricades
    • Crane operator view of load and communication plan ( radio, hand signals etc.)
  • The crane should have current certificates attesting to maintenance and inspection
  • The crane operator should be certified
  • Rigging (i.e. spreader bars, slings, hooks, etc.) should have the appropriate rating and current certification

Whether a unit process improvement, or a complete treatment plant, we have the expertise to design, supply, and install a solution for your wastewater treatment needs.

When you select The Probst Group to install your wastewater solution, we will strive to maintain an injury/incident – free project. Probst will maintain safety as our highest priority. No aspect of construction is more important than protecting employees, property, and the environment.

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