Spring Maintenance Here in the Midwest

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Spring Maintenance Here in the Midwest

It’s spring time here in the Midwest which means it’s time to take care of all those outdoor maintenance items that have been neglected the last couple months.  Regardless of what type of facility you have, there’s sure to be some maintenance required at this time of year.

Whether you have a pond system, activated sludge plant, or digester, some portion of your plant exists outdoors.

Getting fresh air filters or pre-filters on blowers are imperative at this time of year before trees and plants start to pollinate and before farmers start kicking up dust. Outdoor and underground valves should be exercised to ensure they are functioning properly before you need to use them. If you have backup equipment that hasn’t been run in a couple months, it’s time to turn it over and make sure it’s still working properly.

This is also a good time to take a walk around your plant for a general inspection. Tanks should be inspected for cracks or corrosion. Ponds should be inspected for any ice damage and to make sure all weirs and discharges are unobstructed.

Take time to make a checklist of the issues you had during the winter months to prepare for next winter. Better to be proactive that dealing with frozen equipment.

Need help with a checklist of issues to look for? Please send us an email at info@probstroup.com, we’d be happy to help!

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